The Rules(READ!)

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The Rules(READ!)

Post  Shadow on Sat Nov 08, 2008 7:15 pm

The Rules:
-No swearing
-No personal info
-No harassing content
-No sexual Content
-Listen to your admins and mods
-Limit of characters is 5
-No cat may live in the junk yard(it's only to hang around)
-You must fill out the form to join before you role play
-Dogs, Cats, Birds, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, and mice are allowed.And now,also wild animals(that must be tamed and adopted by a family)can be made!(Yes,if you have a problem,contact Fiona and Shadow.)
-Pets can talk to each other,but please use human language,not pets(people need to understand).
-Pet school will be hosted by Shadow and Firaga,They'll teach strays how to survive in the wild.
-Strays are allowed
-Tell nobody your password,even family
-No duplicate accounts
-To enter the place "the air" you have to have a character that is a bird.
-You can either say your pet died of some random disease or ditch it,depending on how you feel if you don''t want the pet anymore.But,you must have permission to do so from Shadow or Fiona.

The punishments:
2:Warning 2
3:2 day ban,and Warning 3
4:1 week ban, and Warning 4
5:Permanent ban,no exceptions

And for the schools,the teachers are:
Guinea Pigs:

As for wild animals,this is a privilege that must be asked for(but they must be tamed,if not,the character will be told it is not allowed and either be shredded by Shadow or rejected and ignored by everybody else.)


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